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A few years ago when I lived in the north of Mexico I met a very rich young man from one of the wealthiest families in the state. He had blond hair and blue eyes and was from one of those elite families that had been in Mexico for centuries but had probably not a single drop of Mexican blood in them. He was a perfect aryan. Minutes after meeting him he began to tell me how Hitler was a good Christian and that the Holocaust never really happened. I was startled because he was from a family had several huge businesses, and so these people must have some intelligence. How could he possibly believe such ideas? He did not seem like a mean or hateful person and I was dumbfounded. I asked him about all of the film documentation, survivor testimonies, serial number tattoos and train deportation records that exist. He said that it was all a conspiracy of the U.S., the Jews, and the Jesuits and that he would pass me the youtube links so that I could see the documentaries for myself. After that, all I could say was “you guys probably smoke some really strong weed.”

I reflect on this and recall that this person did not have explicit racist hatred, he was just very confused. He knows the state are the true narcos and has family members who are dirty politicians. He seemed to have some insight into how the narco war was really all a smoke screen for a greater political agenda. Whenever I hear these confessions it is always their uncles, never their own fathers, who are involved in dark political conspiracies. They long to confess their guilt. He detests it, but only superficially, and not publicly, of course. Perhaps by saying Hitler was not really evil he was trying work out his cognitive dissonance with the belief system of his class. Maybe he has a more humane and guilty conscience within an elite, white society without conscience, pretty much like Nazis. He identifies with Christianity and his white heritage under the spell of a destructive and racist myth, and unconsciously sees how the genocide is happening again, yet he does not want to accept it and take responsibility for it. If the Holocaust of the twentieth century never happened, then maybe this present one being committed by his own class is not happening either? By denying the past he denies the similitude of the present. By making Hitler a good Christian, he can also go about being a good Christian with a very comfortable nazi life. Absolute denial is the most extreme and desperate repression mechanism for a deluded ego. It is incredible how the more obvious and real something is that the dissonant ego will have to deny it in the most absurd and desperate ways. He suffers guilt and must believe crazy propaganda because he has not “dominated his conscience” like a true Nazi. I have met a few rich ladies who are married to very wealthy CEOs who are true Nazis and not squeamish about what is going on. These ladies confessed their disgust with the ideas of their husbands who say now is the time for a new order and that they must be ruthless to secure their interests.

Last year there was a lot of violence in the valley. There were dead bodies everywhere. I do not know anybody in the village who has not come across cadavers in the area. And then there were the 30 dead children from last summer who were found dumped by the lake. The Santa Muerte got lazy and stopped making mass graves. Most of their victims were immigrants taken off of the trains on their way to the border. I witnessed these events myself and even risked my life speaking about them publicly. I wrote about these adventures in “The Quixotic Narco Slayers.” At the same time I find out some of the local politicians are visiting my neighbor who has a vineyard. He is protected by them because he makes wine for them. Guys with machine guns protected the road until the caravan of guests appeared. When they got closer to the vineyard they put their guns away. These people stay in bases nearby and occasionally come out with an AK47 or some bazooka fire to keep everybody in a constant fright while their co-workers extract organs or take immigrants from the trains.

So while there is this horrific genocide in our valley my neighbor enjoys inviting the politicians and the bourgeoisie to wine tasting events. I became infuriated and shouted at them “Murderers, you are like a bunch of Nazis having a party in a concentration camp. Wash away all the red blood with your red wine.”

This year I decided to be more civil and to mingle with the visitors when they arrived with the neighbors. Nobody likes angry shouters. They were having their wine fest and so I got out my transversal flute and started playing some classical music to accompany the fine wine. Some people were listening and came close to the border of our properties. When they saw me I stopped playing music and started talking to them. I tried to be as gentlemanly as possible because these were very fine people and I had been so rude the year before. They were not all politicians but superficial socialites and did not really know what was going on around here. I said I admired their bravery for visiting our valley during this genocide and that most city people would be terrified to visit such a place if they knew what was going on. I told them it was a good thing that the good Catholic, my neighbor, made a deal with the Zetas and has us all protected so that we can enjoy this fine cultural event. Blessed be the Zetas and their Santa Muerte. Have a fine afternoon, you asses.

An extract from “The Elite Pseudoculture.”

by William Enckhausen email: