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“The face of truth remains hidden behind a ring of gold. Remove the veil, o god of light, so that I who love only truth may see.” -Upanishads

I was once very ill after being around too many patients. A golden light passed through me and healed me. It just passed through me from the adobe wall behind me. It was a certain type of microvita. Some of the old people around here know about these benevolent entities. They call them the “doraditos” or “golden beings.” It inspired me to write a song. I only played it on the flute until my friends joined in with the lyrics, guitar and yukilele.

We belong to the golden race We come down to share grace Seeing all beings Whatever tone or hue, Bringing Light of Truth, Taking every mind

Back to You. Only to You.

Baba Nam Kevalam…….

One can’t hold onto your world. World escapes free, Through one’s every word. Just hear our verse Through your universe, And turn our golden light Into purest white.

As we go Back to You Only to You

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