A friend writes to me and asks the reason for existing and how life was created.

The answer to everything is simply love. It is the source of everything and it is also what moves everything. The creator is eternal and creation is eternal and constant. We are being created in every moment of the eternal present. Everything in the universe evolves into the bliss of infinite consciousness behind the Macrocosm, the great interconnected universe. From inert, material chaos the conscious Macrocosm guides the biological, or “microcosmic” life towards its liberation and union back in the consciousness of the Macrocosm. This infinite consciousness is beyond all conceptual attributes but the human spiritual heart and mind can always experience the mystery of mysteries as infinite love.

The only reason we have to ask “why?” is because we have forgotten that essence and purpose and inspiration for everything. We act as separate actors with fear, ambition, or vanity and forget the essence. Action and reaction, or karma and samskara, exist because of our forgetfulness of the innocence and security of flowing in faith and love. As wayward drunkards we create illusions and fantasies of another life, illusory bubbles between the great life of the Macrocosm and our imagined life so poor. We continue to experience actions and reactions for as long as we believe and adhere to our microcosmic self-spun creation. It is better to return to the shelter of the Macrocosm as soon as possible, to see where one has been confused and mistaken and surrender with the confidence that the Macrocosm corrects us. Once again take refuge in love and ask that you never are let loose again. All beings continue to learn this fundamental lesson. It is the only way to stay connected with bliss and not suffer meaninglessly in life.

In the final stages of the evolution of the microcosm, after the fire of purification and the errors of ambition and selfishness in the physical and social world, the microcosm seeks its liberation from within the psychic and spiritual planes. Meditation is nothing else to remember who is inside. There are two types of memory; composite and essential. Composite memory is when the mind remembers an objective experience. The mind keeps that impression and can remember it by its imagination. The “I” remembers what he has done, seen, or experienced. All experiences are finite and have occurred in time and space. The relative experiences of the microcosm in evolution help the mind to develop and expand the concept of “I” from the gross and material to mental and, ultimately, spiritual desires. Although relative, they are necessary to build the soul. One can have family, career and a complete life in the material and social world without falling into ambition, fear of loss, and vanity if one remembers where one´s well-being comes from, if one has reverence for the conscious and living universe that sustains one’s happiness. An undeveloped mind falls into materialistic tendencies and always suffers the loss by the laws of action and reaction. The spiritual and reverent mind does not accumulate so many negative reactions because it can be seen that the relative world takes the necessary steps to develop the spiritual consciousness and is not the end itself. The memories created by the positive reactions continue to propel the microcosm forward towards continued psychic expansion and spirituality.

Essential memory is when one remembers nothing more than the essential “I”, the witness to everything one could do, see and experience in the mind. There are no acts in the “I-Witness,” only the essence of feeling one’s existence. That mental subjectivity, or “Mahat” is the internal and subjective part of the mind. It is so internal and calm that it seems the same as the essential consciousness of the Macrocosm. Although there are no experiences or references for the ego to feel “I am this or that” or “I have felt or seen this or that” at some point in time and space, one recognizes that the Mahat is one´s very own “I-feeling.” It is something that precedes any experiences of “I am this or that” because it is the “I” behind the qualities that modify the “I am” or ego. Mahat is where consciousness gives birth to the mind, the place of the human soul. Only being aware of this subjectivity and continuing to inquire about “who am I?” in the end leads one towards the core of the mind, the essential consciousness, or “Atman.” The evolution of the microcosm is complete when all desires focus on liberation, when the actions and reactions of the mind fuse into the Atman.

by William Enckhausen email: william@williamenck.art