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For my hummingbirds who take care of the jungle with the noble people of Chiapas.

The guarani tell us that one day there was a huge fire in the jungle. All animals fled this terrible fire. Suddenly, the jaguar saw a humming bird passing over his head, but in the opposite direction, that is, towards the fire. He saw him pass again, this time in his same direction. He was able to watch come and go repeatedly. Then he decided to ask the bird about this strange behavior: “What are you doing, litle hummingbird?,” he asked. “I go to the lake and I drink water with my beak and then release the water into the fire.” The Jaguar smiled. “Are you crazy?,” he said. “Do you think you’ll put it out with your little beak, and all by yourself?” “Well,” answered, the hummingbird, “I do my part…” And after saying this, he went to the lake for more water.

This is an intense and dangerous piece like the work of the hummingbird, played on the quenacho.

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