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In the 90‘s I lived in a spiritual community in rural Missouri where many members were from India. The locals would come and shoot their rifles at us, try to burn down our buildings and shout “Sand Niggers!” (which is actually a racist term for Arabs, but what does a hick know?) We would call the police because the attacks came almost nightly. They said they would patrol the area. The attacks didn’t stop, they just never happened on the nights the police came. I had never heard of Ferguson before recently. It may have been very near where we were, or at least very near in mentality. Without the protection of the local government, we had no other alternative but to defend ourselves. There was debate in our community over whether we should have a gun. I even caught one monk making a Molotov cocktail in the garage. I argued with him about it even though I internally thought it was so hilarious to actually see him doing something so crazy. In the end, we ended up working together making booby traps like falling logs with spikes that would fall and puncture their tires when they entered. Let us have fun, non-violently, I argued. I suggested throwing rocks, but at their trucks. I would climb high in a tree and throw rocks into the beds of their trucks. Them stupid hicks had no idea where it was coming from and thought we were shooting at them. I once caught a truck load of them in one of our traps and shined the lights on them. They were terrified. They hadn’t been so frightened since that time their meth lab exploded. Every one of them had a mullet, except for the bald guy with a swastika tattooed on his scalp. On another occasion, we trapped the entire front-line of the varsity football team inside the gates, all five of them seated together and aligned in the front seat just like on the football field. They accused us of firing a rifle at them a week before. They asked me if I knew of the incident. I said that I only heard some people shouting “Sand Niggers.” I asked them if the “shooting” happened before or after the shouting. One said “before”, then his identical twin brother, the big, dumb center, looked confused and tried to cover for him by saying “after.” The quarterback, the smart one, then said, “we didn’t say that!” We really only gave them a good scare and a few dents in their truck. It was all pure and innocent fun on my part.

It was easy for me to laugh at their ignorance and I found it ironic that I lived in a community where these brutes actually came to burn a cross in our yard. However, I am a white boy who has never suffered these abuses personally and who is only just beginning to understand how detrimental these negative sentiments toward others truly are. If one understands racism, and sees how prevailing these attitudes are over the entire planet, then its no longer such a funny matter.

Victims of racism have deep scars that are difficult to overcome. Entire societies carry these wounds for centuries, even for milennia. I could see that this elite Mexican society, although much prettier than my Missouri hillbillys, were often just as ugly in their mentality. They both have very exclusive breeding circles and value being white over all else. These elite at least can buy a lot of cocaine instead of having to make their own crystal-meth. Living near these rich people made me think of the Old South in the U.S., South Africa and the old colonial attitudes. I read in BBC a few years ago that Mexico is the country that has the greatest gap between the rich and the poor. Only through the greatest corruption and exploitation is that possible. We were close to the people who influence society and decide its policies and met people who work in the government and for big corporations. The higher you go, the dirtier it gets was always what I heard in their confessions. It is so painful to think that these superficial yet insidious people have formed so much of the modern world and that their racist ideologies are still very much alive. It is the same situation all over the world. Imperialists have always had to kill off or at least totally paralyze the cultures of the indigenous all over the world to steal their lands and resources. The British were the first global narco-traffickers who took down China with opium. Europeans still use corrupt African regimes to create instability to divide and conquer economically, while Canada and the United States continue using Latin American bureaucrats and their police and military forces to steal whatever they want, from whomever they want and anywhere they want it. So that a few can live in opulence, the majority are condemned to live in rank poverty. Imperialism makes the world of the exploited a living hell. However, these shrewd parasites can never escape their conscience, no matter how dormant or distorted it is. They may make, manipulate, or distort social laws, but will never escape natural law. As a natural, mental reaction to their attitudes, the elite and their supporters hate themselves for all they have done. A part of them is aware of what they are doing but project their self-hatred onto others through racism to try to justify it all. The more they transgress, the more they are punished with self-hatred and the more they need to send it somewhere and find a scape-goat. They have already sold their souls for bad ideology to intellectually justify their base desires. These “ideological” mental traps only make them more psychotic. Nobody escapes the law of karma and it eventually all comes back upon us. We accept societies lies and abide by them. Maybe we don’t pull the trigger personally but our conventional attitudes and social and ecological ignorance permit it. Anybody with a sensible consciousness in the “first world” can see that our society for the most part has become a total failure and is already consuming itself in its own entropy. Much of modern human society is something the Gia, our live and sensible planet, no longer needs and no longer wants.

On the first night that I arrived in Mexico in 2003 I had the following dream: I saw a young mestizo sitting at the base of an ancient pyramid. He was indigenous by physical appearance but wore a modern suit and tie. He looked lost and dejected with his head in his hands looking toward the concrete sidewalk beneath him. I could see his expression from below and also above him I saw a giant skyscraper looming over him. I immediately understood the symbolism when I awoke and this vision has been a base for a continued understanding of modern Mexican culture. In the past the Conquerors built churches on top of the pyramids. Nowadays, capitalism has implanted its structures on top of the existing social structures.

After explaining this dream an artist friend (who is also mestizo) told me that there really are very few healthy social references for the common people. They are caught between an imposed archaic and corrupt medieval ideology of the Church and the senslessness of the modern, materialistic and individualistic culture imposed upon them from their own white elite and their gringo masters. The common people have few positive channels for growth. They are but cogs in the system. In his opinion the only healthy reference for common people who weren’t intellectual rebels or revolutionaries with access to different ideas was in the indigenous cultures that still haven’t been totally tainted by these various forms of pseudoculture. With them there is still a link to the past and the healthiest of these cultures that still remain intact in the south of the country have very progressive ideas.

The human mind must have a healthy narrative that explains the past, puts it into perspective, and a humanistic vision that helps one move onward into a better future. “Without vision, the people perish.” Of course one finds healthy and sane people from all walks of life but in general it seems very clear that the cultural fabric of Mexican society erodes quicker and quicker. I have seen tremendous changes in this society just in the last 13 years. Amongst these changes almost nothing is positive: the Church just keeps getting more scandalous and perverse; the political parties even more corrupt and ruthless while masses of alcoholic men are slowly moving toward more dangerous addictions with the new narco culture. All of these factors affect the traditional, nuclear family structure that is on the verge of extinction. Children are nourished by and are conditioned into a culture that is extremely ill. Some consider this the new capitalist conquest while others say it is just the continuation of 500 years of conquest.

I studied psychology in the university but never formally practiced psychology as a career. I met many psychologists in Mexico and found that they were very, very poorly educated and prepared. I had hoped that perhaps psychology could help people where traditional culture was ineffective. I once met a therapist that studied in an institute based on the humanistic psychology of Carl Rogers. I don’t know what he learned there but what she essentially taught the people was self-indulgent narcissism and free-love. Many of her patients became sex addicts in the process. I met another “therapist” who studied the psychology of Carl Jung in some other private institution. I thought that would be interesting. However, this therapist knew absolutely nothing of Jung except his ideas on sexuality, and those ideas were poorly understood and out of context. This psychologist was but a crude sex therapist as well. Such ignorance on his part only made his patients more addicted to their impulses. It was so painfully obvious that these two therapists were just people hung up on their impulses with very little psychological insight into their nature and origins. They only taught their own distortions to others.

The education and professional systems are just as cheap and corrupt in other fields as well. A lawyer friend of mine told me that there is literally not an honest judge in the country. If one wants to make a case and win it, then a bribe is just part of the common practice. He renounced being a lawyer for this reason.

Narcissism is the soul killer. Most people don’t understand that the mind is a living, conscious entity that can be destroyed by reckless, ultimately meaningless, materialistic actions. Mind is a subtle entity that exists between the body and pure, infinite Consciousness. We live in such artificiality and crudity that we forget we have something really vital within. Our mental and soul architecture is designed to evolve, but can also degrade. If the mental plasma of the mind vibrates too much toward matter and a narcissistic ego image, this mental plasma becomes more crude like matter, which creates a state of entropy and involution. Such a mind invites energetic parasites in the form of “negative” microvita. Negative microvita are like termites to the mental structure and only help the unfit, distorted mind to destroy itself more quickly. They can be thought of as mental-energetic viruses. These mental parasites come in the form of physical and mental illnesses, uncontrollable compulsions, and extremely distorted thought patterns. They are but archetypal patterns in our collective consciousness that are activated by our resonance with the thought forms that they help to project within us. These thought forms have a particular resonance with our bio-psychological system of glands, hormones, and neurotransmitters. Ask anyone who has ever fallen into the dark side of the soul but has been fortunate enough to return. There is always some kind of guiding pattern that really helps one work against ones well-being; a perfect path to destruction and disintegration of the personality. The more one resonates with this unconscious actuality, the more it becomes a conscious reality. Of course, “positive” microvita also exist and have the same archetypal guiding function, but in the reverse, growth-oriented way. They bring us to greater awareness and help resolve the conflicts due to the negative microvita patterns in our minds. They impose a greater, more conscious and humane form on the old, negative archetypes of consciousness.

Coca-Cola Consciousness

I recently saw a very wealthy Mexican with connections to one of the most sinister multinational corporations. He has always been nice as a person to me, however I was always curious how a man can be good to a few people but be a villain to the rest of human society and mother nature. I suppose my curiosity kept me from feeling duplicitous that I could have such a friend. “Maybe he is different? Maybe if we could just convince some of the elite to be more humane?, He does practice yoga, maybe he can wake up?,” were my inner thoughts. On our last meeting our group of friends was openly discussing how the wealthy and powerful are actually exterminating humanity in a highly organized manner. The over-concentration of wealth, overpopulation, environmental crisis, and rampant degeneration of the exploited masses has left no other alternative for the elite than to start planning wars and making enemies all over the globe. Nobody denied it was happening. Most expressed how appalled they were with such a world as ours. My rich friend remained quiet. I personally confessed my horror stories while recently living in northern Mexico surrounded by narco extermination camps where they steal immigrants from the trains and buses and are never seen again. I knew that the system was responsible for these highly organized activities. Anybody who reported these activities to the military or police simply disappeared. I started to write about this on the decentralized social network of Diaspora as I was always getting hacked on Facebook.

The next morning the conversation continued. For argument sake, I tried to take the side of an American elite, imagining the thought system of old friends from college who took the path of ascension into the capitalist Hydra. I was really being absurd and ridiculous. I said that “the educated people in the U.S. know their life-style depends on the destruction of others. It isn’t that we are essentially evil, rather it is that our materialistic life-style simply demands such actions. Captialist imperialism can function in no other manner than to subvert and subjugate the autonomy and democracy of others. We must have our enemies and our wars to rob others of their resources if we want to maintain our material “freedom.””

Such was my argument. This is the epitome of “satanic logic”, when the lost mind has to make the most absurd and immoral excuses to justify its perversions, whether personal or social. Only somebody who has already sold-out spiritually could hold such beliefs. I know this is how the elite think but wasn’t thinking about the case of my particular friend when I said this. Rather, I was trying to enter the mentality and psychological reality of such poor philosophers. However, my rich friend seemed to agree with me. He unknowingly took the unintentional bait and said to my other friend who was aghast at my satanic logic and told him consolingly that perhaps it really is good that “they” do it, to keep the economy, which is the base of our social order, in balance.

My other friend was shocked. It was as if our whole conversation had been just to convince him to accept what he saw as most terrible. I immediately clarified that I was being absurd and that there were many intelligent and humane alternatives to human extermination and to capitalism. I didn’t speak any more to the rich friend because I was processing what he had just said. I think he realized that his thoughts were way out of the range of acceptability with us and he also kept quiet. After some reflection, I realized that his thoughts are very typical, and that when people reach that level of control and manipulation they become slaves to a system of thought that takes away all freedom, virtue, self-reliance, creativity and authentic individuality. The elite believe that only they are able to fully posses these qualities, or at least purchase those who do posses them.

Last year there were so many dead bodies around our valley that I had to keep the dogs inside so they wouldn’t eat rotten human flesh. The narcos who invaded our area practice human sacrifice. Sometimes they have so many bodies that they just throw them by the road or up in the mountain. People used to eat jack-rabbits around here until they started getting a strange taste. The goat-herders noticed that these animals were eating the dead humans. Sometimes we could not sleep for the sound of machine guns and the screams of the tortured. Most of the victims are immigrants stolen from trains while trying to cross the U.S. border. The wall on the border already exists! How is that for collusion between the mafia and the state?

The military and police turn a blind eye. Let us not forget that the Mexican and American intelligence and military are now working together in this. They legally operate as one entity since the legislation passed in Calderon’s time and his narco war. A few months ago the police finally raided a compound that the narcos used for organ extraction. The place was a human butchershop. There were bones everywhere. This is the nearby base described in my writing, “The Quixotic Narco Slayers.” There were too many reports about this operation and the police were forced to act but the leader of the operation was set free the next day.

If only the American and Mexican elite could see themselves, see their own shadows as individuals as well as a collective society. They cry about immigration but who wants to keep their own corporations within their own borders, reverse NAFTA, and take responsibility for their frivolous, materialistic lifestyles that really require such brutal imperialism. It is sheer hypocrisy to close our borders when our our government frame laws that allow our multinational corporations to destabilize Latin American economies. The CIA, government bureaucrats and “corporate assassins” have always and will continue to work diligently to undermine populist governments and cultivate dictators and regimes favorable to the multinationals. It is only natural that people will flee third world countries devastated by imperialism and immigrate to first world where their stolen resources and the fruits of their exploited labor eventually end up.

In the case of Mexico, paramilitaries and “narcos” are used to induce terror to steal peoples land, their resources and undermine entire economic and social orders just to maintain our empire of excessive materialistic indulgences. My fellow Americans, are you offended? I hope so. Maybe if you performed your moral duty of resistance and revolution then maybe you will get over your illness.

Nobody escapes the law of karma. What right does the American populace have to this happiness when their materialistic life-styles that require so much killing and stealing deny happiness to the rest of the planet? So much of what I hear about from the U.S. is how depressed everybody is. I first noticed that the entire population was heading toward collective depression 20 years ago and with each year the people just get sadder and sadder. I believe that psychosis is now working its way into the mainstream consciousness and I am not sure whether I am safer here in Mexico with the narco demons or up there in the U.S. with the zombies. As time passes, these reactions will only become stronger and people will become crazier, yet the truth will be revealed. Human beings need love, culture, and nature and without it we become ill.

So much of the elite, the shrewd, the cultured, don’t even know how to live well and are truly without culture. Not just the upper elite, but much of the upper middle-class and “new rich” have similar attitudes. People live mostly by forms and images that aren’t their own. These socialites lack real, authentic identity, and their inner “I” feeling is so inter-twined with their swindled possessions, property and their shady, exploitive activities that the human being inside becomes ill. Their consciousness has been converted into a sick mind that only desires matter and narcissistic pleasure. The underlying paranoia of the separate, superficial ego begins to make the mind even more desperate to satiate itself. This stress wreaks hell and havoc upon the nervous system and the organs because the body was never meant to be the temple of unending, unlimited indulgence. They are condemned to solitude, as narcissists can never love. Instead, they become ill, physically, mentally, and spiritually. These degenerated patterns in the mind fortify themselves and become negative archetypes for all who think and feel in the same manner. There remains almost nothing to their character other than some warped conventional attitudes and a superficial mental form adorning an underlying brute instinct. The materialistic ideas of capitalism as well as communism and the very limited mental structures that have projected these materialistic ideas are but termite-ridden homes. When these ideologies guide the mind, then the whole society becomes mentally imbalanced. The collective human consciousness begins to degrade. A human being cannot live without a natural human spirit that seeks a greater understanding of the universe. I think it was Maslow who said “the normal in society is the psychopathology of the average.” Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse.

Around where we lived in the north of Mexico, most men are alcoholics. The economically privileged go to prostitutes and their “gentleman’s” clubs and indulge in cocaine and alcohol while the women divert themselves with shopping trips to the U.S. and secret rendezvous with their lovers. My wife once had a patient with pancreatic cancer. He was a rich businessman with some practical intelligence but a very mundane, hedonistic life-style. Through strict discipline that he followed, she eventually cured him from what his doctors said was fatal. Elated, he went to Las Vegas to celebrate. His cancer came back and he died a few weeks later. On the day that was to be his last, he sensed the end was near and summoned all of his energy to be able to go out for one final steak dinner. At least I can say he was congruent with his ideology to the very end!

Humans who didn’t learn enough about their own humanity create families that are like mental institutions. Children are emotionally abandoned and completely vulnerable to all of the pseudo-cultural influences and vices. Drug and alcohol addiction is about the same as those in the poor barrios. Oh if only they were destroying just themselves in the process! However, these parasites accumulate everything but only let it rot in their coffers while destroying whoever gets in their way. They really set the precedent for the rest of the corrupt, shallow, mean-minded materialistic society that envies and follows their example. But who really wants to hear all of this? There are bills to pay and things to buy and so many lies to tell.

In the last few years here in Mexico I have seen things that I can hardly talk about with myself and my closest friends. I had to make sure the dogs were very well fed because of all of the human carnage in the near-by mountains. Mass graves became too much work. Later, they just started dumping the bodies by the road-side. However, I know there is a greater eye that sees all of this and can put it into perspective. I have seen remarkable examples of heroic resistance to this terror from the most simple and faithful people who inspire me.

A lady in a local village ran out of her home during a drive-by shooting against her family. She ran straight toward the assailants shouting “Baba Nam Kevalam,” a mantra that means “there is only love.” She rushed upon them and took the gun out of the hands of the teen-age assassin. They had never encountered such fearlessness and were simply stunned. We have lived through hell here in Buchenvald, Mexico. But these are passing, human affairs. And what is humanity but a passing affair? The earth is still alive and is really about to show us as such. “Those who protect dharma are protected by dharma.” The only time I have ever feared losing my life was in a state of spiritual emotion when I was so overpowered by an inner joy that I thought it would sweep me off into the Infinite before being able to see the full awakening of the Sixth Sun and the return of “Mexico Indio.”

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