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As human desires become more refined and meaning and purpose are established, the self-concept of the Aham is cultivated. It is only due to the natural flow of mental evolution that this limited Aham-ego concept desires to expand into something still greater. When the separate ego begins to wonder with creative imagination as to why some things are good and beautiful and meaningful and seeks to increase these subtle, mental needs, we encounter higher realities. We find greater levels of union with nature and the social world, deeper levels of friendship and intimacy, and greater wonder toward the great universe and everything in it. These higher existential experiences break down our separateness and gradually make us more universal citizens. Mahat, or the pure I-feeling, manifests when the intelligence of the Aham is witnessed by something finer and more internal than the Aham-intellect that is so occupied with the complex social world. Mahat is the pure intuition of “I exist,” pure mindfulness. It is the purest part of the subjective chamber of mind. It sees the intellect of the ego from its quiescence deep within, beyond time. It is the closest approximation to what one would call the “soul.” It is the inner light just behind the first memory in childhood, your pure, inner “I” before it was impressed upon so firmly by the outside world. Experiences in the brain and chitta may affect the ego, but the Mahat, the pure “I”, is never affected. It is the part of you that just is, the finest part of your mental being. It is your personal, dear and sweet feeling of pure existence that seems so special that it belongs to you and no other. This deep feeling of “I” experientially reveals immortality in that it is the key to feeling the Universal “I” that is within all souls. It seems to be everywhere and in all people. A truly intelligent microcosm that has properly cultivated the Aham-ego awareness will always find the ground of their person here in the quiescent “I” of Mahat. Shiva and the deepest part of the subjective chamber, the Mahat, are so close in proximity and similarity it is practical to say they are identical. This finest part of the mind, the Mahat, is a perfect replica of Shiva-Consciousness. But Shiva is the witness even of Mahat, and is the lord of the mind. Even though Mind bound itself in creation and has had to pass through a phase of evolution to re-manifest itself, the fundamental consciousness of Shiva has never changed. He has witnessed the entire universal drama since its inception. The infinite ocean of Consciousness sustains all things always. It is the fundamental identity or “I-Witness” beyond the Mahat.

The Creation of the Cosmic Nucleus

Even in the unified godhead, beyond god and Om, there still exist the centripetal and centrifugal forces of Shakti. They are eternal and infinite and are really not different than Consciousness, or Shiva. Consciousness in and of itself is everywhere at one with itself. There is no “here” or “there”. There is nothing to move away from or toward when all is One. Therefore, the centrifugal and centripetal forces of Divine Energy or Shakti are latent in Shiva, in the godhead. Their being is only apparent once they are activated. For the most mysterious of reasons the dormant Consciousness of Shiva is not forming a nucleus and actively using its Citishakti, or force of Consciousness to equalibriate these two forces and place its own Consciousness as the Cosmic Nucleus. Here, it is as if the centripetal and centrifugal forces are 2 giant asteriodal magnets that repel and attract eachother but cannot form an orbital equilibrium. Instead, they collide and become one. The centripetal and centrifugal forces are the latent energy in Consciousness that can’t express themselves creatively until Consciousness permits. Within the silence and unity of the godhead lies a primordial chaos that may awaken into a sublime order if Consciousness permits. When Consciousness forms a nucleus between these two forces, it must itself give its essential Consciousness in such a way as to balance these two energies. Here lies the secret in which the infinite Consciousness, the godhead, apparently becomes god by giving its very own essence to the creator god. Consciousness is responsible for the creation of the neutral force between the centripetal and the centrifugal. Consciousness begins to flow “outward” to the relationship between these introversial and extroversial forces. This is the first stage of mimicry in which the created expressions are reflections of the original being. The godhead descends into god.

Recall that the centrifugal force is the positive force. It is a force of infinite lightness and clarity. It is a feeling of infinite expansion, like when a child I contemplated the mind-perplexing idea that space just goes on forever and ever without end. In Tantra this is called the subtle or sattvic force of Shakti and is the energy that expresses the purely subjective chamber of mind, the Mahat. The subtle force is an energy of Shakti but whose influence over consciousness is so fine that Consciousness isn’t perturbed. This energy is a vehicle for Consciousness to express itself and remain in contact with the Cosmic Nucleus. It is the force that guides the activity of the Cosmic Nucleus. Shakti’s subtle, sattvik force is the creative, yin force that the Cosmic Nucleus uses to govern the movements of heaven.

The centripetal force is the negative force. “She” never wants to leave Shiva Consciousness and brings any vibration that leaves His nucleus back to “Him.” She is in no way subordinate to the centrifugal force because She always wins in the end by bringing all created vibrations back into full union with the Cosmic Nucleus. In Tantra this energy is the static or tamasic force of Shakti. In its essence it is not crude or degenerating, as in the external, physical world, but static in the sense that She doesn’t want to permit any “escape” or outward flow of Consciousness. She wants things to remain as they always have been and always has a reaction waiting for every positive action. She is the return, receptive, or yang force. In the created world She permits beings to exist, but also can also recall them when necessary. Without her there may be heaven but no earth. Her acts of “destruction” in the outer world bring inertness and staticity, while her destruction in the inner world is more like a dissolution of mental bondages that brings one back to center.

The intelligence of any system, physical, mental, or spiritual, depends on a form of nuclear intelligence. This nuclear intelligence is always sustained by the balance of centripetal and centrifugal forces, and uses the neutral force to achieve this. The neutral force has its mysterious origins in the transcendental Consciousness. It only comes into existence when Consciousness determines to create itself a nuclues. Shiva is awakened and must be lord over the opposing centripetal and centrifugal, or negative and positive forces. In Tantra this neutral force is called the mutative or rajaskik energy of Shakti. This is the shakti behind the Aham. This force can decide whether the flow of Consciousness is to move outward (avidya) or inward (vidya) because this energy is under direct control of Consciousness who is the only entity capable of bringing the positive and negative forces into balance and thus forming a nucleus.

The inverted triangle represents the communion of these three forces as the Causal Matrix. Shiva is a point in the middle, the Cosmic Nucleus. The tension and flow of the 3 energies moving in a counter-clockwise vortex creates the Om sound. Om is really A, U, and Ma, but all at once. “A” is the Generation, “U” is the Operation and “Ma” is Destruction—GOD. Although the triangle may be considered a yantra or conceptual abstraction, “hearing” AUM is an experiential reality that mystically reveals these truths. One “hears” GOD’s trinity of these 3 forces while your inherent Consciousness in the godhead remains in silence, witnessing this play of god- Generation, Operation, and Destruction. The notion of a third force, the rajasik, only comes into question when the cosmic nucleus comes into being. The rajasik force is the regulator between the centrifugal and centripetal forces. It is Chitishakti, the power of Consciousness over energy. In reality, it is not a third force, but the effect of Consciousness intervening in the eternal interflow between the yin and yang forces. There is no third force, it is actually the One who acts upon the Two. The tertiary system of sattvik, rajasik, and tamasik forces applies to the tertiary system of mind as chitta, Aham, and Mahat. If we consider that there really is no third force beyond the centrifugal and centripetal forces, then we must logically admit that the Aham, the doer-I is also not real. Anandamurti, when speaking of microvita, preferred to use the binary system to describe the mind. Mind is divided into the objective and subjective chambers. The Aham would be some imaginary place between the inner subjective mind and the outer objective chamber, the mental plasm, or chitta. The Aham is extraneous, it is only real as long as we have a concept of authorship over the universe. Does your Aham digest your food? Do you need the ego to authorize this activity? Conversely, does your ego decide the deepest and most profound occurrences of grace in human existence. That comes from deep within the subjective chamber of mind. The ego can neither control completely the body nor the mind. Ego is but an extraneous commentary on what already is. It is an energetic by-product between the exchanges of centripetal and centrifugal energy. Just as the 3 comes from the One acting over the centripetal and centrifugal binary forces, so is the Aham but an expression of the One within the mind, the entity created by the centripetal and centrifugal forces.


Shakti is indeed the force or energy of Shiva. Shiva as an infinite body of pure consciousness contains all potential expressions. Within Shiva is latent that which eventually becomes this expressed universe when Shiva allows His Shakti, His latent energy, to awaken Him. She is the womb of creation from which the seed of Consciousness burgeons forth into expression. The positive, centrifugal, or sattvik force of Shakti is in essence the limitlessness and all-pervasive quality of Shiva. The negative, centripetal, or tamasik force is the unity and inclusiveness of Shiva that never allows Its great magnitude to fragment and break away from itself. The positive force calls out, always expanding, toward the infinite. It never reaches an end, its call to create is answered by Oneself via the negative force and says “you are forever with me.” In essence the centrifugal force never goes outward because there is nowhere to go when all is one. The return or negative, centripetal force in essence doesn’t have to return anywhere because there is nowhere to return to when you are always at home. These two forces that only manifest as antagonistic at the beginning of creation and really are aspects of Shiva, the Supreme Consciousness, and can in no way be considered separate from It. They are the fundamental qualities or potentialities that give rise to the creation of Heaven and Earth. Shiva and Shakti are verily Brahma, the Supreme Entity. The positive force is the vastness of Brahma while the negative force represents the togetherness and

inclusiveness of Brahma. Only after they are combined and held into some order with one dominating the other is there really a question of subtlety or crudity. In Brahma, all is subtle and the positive and negative forces flow back and forth and interchange into each other eternally. This is the essential centrifugal- centripetal non-distinction before the formation of a cosmic nucleus, where there is really no difference between one and two, between I and Thou. This eternal, uncreated union of Shiva and Shakti has often been termed the “Godhead” by Western Mystics. Godhead is the source from which God comes.

If this great body of Consciousness with its infinite potential to create decides to intervene and balance these two forces, Consciousness must create a nuclear or neutral force to act as mediator to these two latent forces. The rajasik, or neutral force is neutral in that Its awareness sees the two potentials as One and pervades them both. As such, Shiva, as Witness to these two forces, may stimulate and balance each one to create rhythms and pulses flowing between them in which sometimes there is more centripetal than centrifugal forces working and vice-verse. When creation flows out of Brahma, the centrifugal force is greater, when creation flows back to Brahma, the centripetal force is greater. This is Shiva’s fundamental activity as the cosmological hub or nucleus of the creation. The neutral force only comes about as a result of Shiva’s descent from pure, unexpressed Consciousness toward being the Witness of Creation. This is precisely why the neutral force can be termed the nuclear force. The witnessing activity of Shiva gets involved in the process of creation as He creates a nucleus for Himself between the positive and negative forces. Shiva remains pure consciousness but his Citishakti, or force of Consciousness manifests as the nuclear force. The Supreme Consciousness, Brahma governs all things that come into being not by any special activity, but rather by simply being Itself. It is Consciousness and not action that determines the ultimate state of being. By not being bound by action, the cosmic nucleus may use its Citishakti, the neutral force that controls the positive and the negative, to influence the eternal flow of positivity and negativity that always cancel each other. Instead of the eternal rise (positive) and compensatory fall(negative) aspects of the original, virgin wave of shakti, the third principle, the neutral force, may bring disequilibrium to the eternal, balanced wave of Shakti and allow the positive force to be a little stronger and dominate the return or negative aspect of the wave which would naturally cancel out the positive. The neutral force, the Cosmic Nucleus is always in turiiya, is always unmanifest but at the same time controls any sprout of activity from the positive force that leaves the original yin-yang balance. At the same time the Cosmic Nucleus allows the negative force to eventually bring back the positive force and neutralize it into turiiya or allow it to go on and sport about a little longer. All depends on the will of the Cosmic Nucleus. The divine father, the centrifugal, positive force and the divine mother, the centripetal, negative force are never separated from anything in their creation. For them, there is no “other” and they can always guide you outward into successful life, or bring you back to the silence of their Shiva-Shakti union in the Godhead. “Father” and “Mother” are ultimately misleading terms in that they are never really separate, but human beings always seem to favor one over the other, and so we are therefore in their play of interchange. To see them as one, to bring the mental wave into silence, into the neutrality of the pure Witness is the only liberation from this play of action and reaction.

With the manifestation of the neutral force holding together the positive and the negative, we come to understand the Tantric significance of the triangle. Imagine an inverted triangle. To the right the centrifugal expansive force shoots out from the vertex below. The negative, returning or centripetal force can be understood as the left line moving downward and returning to the vertex from which the positive force flows outward. It is but the rise and fall of a wave. The neutral force is the horizontal line that connects the two angular lines and gives form and structure to this Causal Matrix. Now that Shiva has created a balanced structure with Itself as Nucleus, It may use its infinite potential of Consciousness as imagination, as a process whereby this nuclear intelligence may create the entire cosmological order; first within the triangle, as imagination, and later, when the triangle “opens”, create the actual, expressed universe as a reflection of the inner, imaginative triangle. This whole process is revealed practically through “hearing” Om. The classic Tantric concept of the “A-Ka-Tha” triangle is the science of understanding the inner dynamics of this triangle. The 3 lines of the triangle are traditionally known as the lines of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva or Generator, Operator, and Destroyer-GOD. Inside this triangle is pure imagination and music. There are so many sounds and so many tones, a divine music behind this creation where these first three principle expressions apparently move outward to create the “ten-thousand things.”The Cosmic Nucleus controls the positive and negative forces and thereby the inner and outer flow of Consciousness.

The horizontal, neutral line has the capacity to consume the centrifugal and centripetal forces back into pure Consciousness. Here, the triangle is sustained and constantly flows back into itself. The triangle opens or loses its essential stability when it creates the fourth principle, the subjective mind or “I-feeling.” Within the triangle, the three forces- sattva, raja, and tamas create and multiply amongst themselves in an infinite process of reciprocal movements that continue ad infinitum. From the perspective of the three forces, the eternal, infinite creation is the activity of the 3 forces governing the essential 2 movements, the centripetal and the centrifugal. This is the relationship between the binary and the tertiary stages. Just as omnipotent Shiva now has added a third pulse(1-2-3, 1-2-3) to the original binary pulse(1-2, 1-2), Shiva may continue to add a 4 th pulse (1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4) or 5 th pulse and so on.

Sometimes, when I am meditating by the river in San Cristobal and I hear the distant church bells ringing, I think of the burgeoning, exploding movement of creation out of the primordial triangle as the Son, the first manifestation of the divine triangle. It shoots out in a brilliant white line that, although expressed, imitates perfectly the Father, Shiva Consciousness. This Eternal I is the eternal reflection of Shiva within all created souls, the perfect reflection of inner divinity. This is a vertical line that crosses the horizontal line of the triangle. The line runs vertically and forms a cross from the nucleus within to an imaginary point above the inverted triangle. The forth manifestation comes from the uncreated nucleus but also flows out into creation. This outward flow of Christ Consciousness always remembers its source and never gets lost in unconsciousness, whether in Heaven or Earth. And because this new dimension is created out of the Shiva-Shakti causal matrix, the eternal I, the Christ Consciousness as a vehicle for the Cosmic Nucleus also takes one back into the causal matrix, the Trinity Triangle.

This fourth point outside the triangle “opens” the triangle to form a square. The three vertexes must accommodate another created principle “outside” itself. So now the 3 vertexes in harmony amongst themselves must now harmonize a 4th principle. What is important to remember is that this fourth principle is really an idea conceived first within the triangle. Really, all is within Brahma and it is only an idea from within Brahma that there exists anything beyond the Trinity Triangle.

But once outside the triangle and in the square that surrounds the triangle there is mind, and we must consider this 4 th principle. The power of the fourth principle that forms the cross continues multiplying itself just as the primordial triangle beget the cross as the son. A square surrounds a cross, but the cross itself forms four more squares in the empty space surrounding it. This Divine Image then multiplies itself by itself as it pours out into creation. 4X4x4……..and so on. Many inner maps to reality are based on these essential numeric relationships. Astrology attempts to understand the relationship of how the essential 3 becomes the created 4 with the 12 phases of the zodiac. The I-Ching and the Mayan Tzolkin are based on the 64 hexagrams or 64 Tzolkin, or 4x4x4. The problem with these sciences is that one truly has to learn to count backward and first understand this essential counting from a state of no-thing-ness, or Consciousness without an object. To know the inner secret of things, one must first forget all things. I think one must first see the unity of the omin-telepathic Atman first, in silence, in the triangle sourrounded by Om. If you really need to know anything else than this, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are all around. The tantrics referred to Shiva as bindu, or an infinitesimal point within the A-Ka- Tha triangle, for both practical and theoretical reasons. Practically, tantrics withdraw the mind from the sensory, objective mind as well as the cortical association areas by focusing the mind on an ideational point connected with pituitary and/or pineal glands at the mid-brain, beneath and between the 2 cerebral hemispheres. This gives the mind a point of objective focus free from the senses and helps to also control the entire endocrine system by activating the pineal gland which subdues the pituitary gland which controls all of the lower glands of the body. As nucleus, Shiva is between the positive, out-going and the negative, return forces that represent themselves in the two cerebral hemispheres.

Theoretically, the idea of a point referring to Shiva, gives a location for the all- pervading Consciousness. Shiva is ubiquitous, but forms a controlling nucleus when it involves itself with the gunas, or creative forces of Shakti. The 3 gunas of Shakti are lines because they flow into each other while Shiva is a point, or bindu, because it is the Witness Nucleus of the creative power of Shakti’s gunas. Really, the cosmic nucleus only comes into being when Shiva apparently descends into expression, creating the neutral or mutative force. This creation is like a small cascade from an infinite reserve of Consciousness. Shiva, therefore, can never really be confined to any one point. One-pointedness is a concept and practice for the mind to bring stillness to para and apara, the centripetal and centrifugal forces. When the mind finds one-pointedness and control over the pineal and pituitary glands, not only is the body in a sort of deep trance, but the mind also gets absorbed into Shiva-Consciousness-Godhead beyond the relative creation.

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