The 4 warriors danced and whirled around the mystical trinity of the divine triangle of Om above the spirit´s crown of pineal. Hearing A, U, and M composing the eternal reverberation of the divine triangle, the understanding of each sound brought them closer to the center, within the shelter of the lines of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva: the Generator, Operator and Destroyer.

From this cosmic nucleus, Commander Zero sends Geronimo and his Microvita Raiders with the full force of this mystic vortex down to raid the center of the earth. There are so many electromagnetic fields to fix, so many quantum voids to fill. The cosmic nucleus has own version of a new world order and wants to put its own spin on to things. Geronimo and his spirits stopped by el Misterio for some rest and relaxation after one such excursion. I asked them if all of this fracking in our area had any effect on his raids and if he had a special message for the exploiters of the planet. Geronimo replied with assured confidence, “Tell them they can go and frack themselves!”

by William Enckhausen email: