I recently saw a very wealthy Mexican with connections to one of the most sinister multinational corporations. He has always been nice as a person to me, however I was always curious how a man can be good to a few people but be a villain to the rest of human society and mother nature. I suppose my curiosity kept me from feeling duplicitous that I could have such a friend. “Maybe he is different? Maybe if we could just convince some of the elite to be more humane?, He does practice yoga, maybe he can wake up?,” were my inner thoughts. On our last meeting our group of friends was openly discussing how the wealthy and powerful are actually exterminating humanity in a highly organized manner. The over-concentration of wealth, overpopulation, environmental crisis, and rampant degeneration of the exploited masses has left no other alternative for the elite than to start planning wars and making enemies all over the globe. Nobody denied it was happening. Most expressed how appalled they were with such a world as ours. My rich friend remained quiet. I personally confessed my horror stories while recently living in northern Mexico surrounded by narco extermination camps where they steal immigrants from the trains and buses and are never seen again. I knew that the system was responsible for these highly organized activities. Anybody who reported these activities to the military or police simply disappeared. I started to write about this on the decentralized social network of Diaspora as I was always getting hacked on Facebook.

The next morning the conversation continued. For argument sake, I tried to take the side of an American elite, imagining the thought system of old friends from college who took the path of ascension into the capitalist Hydra. I was really being absurd and ridiculous. I said that “the educated people in the U.S. know their life-style depends on the destruction of others. It isn’t that we are essentially evil, rather it is that our materialistic life-style simply demands such actions. Captialist imperialism can function in no other manner than to subvert and subjugate the autonomy and democracy of others. We must have our enemies and our wars to rob others of their resources if we want to maintain our material “freedom.””

Such was my argument. This is the epitome of “satanic logic”, when the lost mind has to make the most absurd and immoral excuses to justify its perversions, whether personal or social. Only somebody who has already sold-out spiritually could hold such beliefs. I know this is how the elite think but wasn’t thinking about the case of my particular friend when I said this. Rather, I was trying to enter the mentality and psychological reality of such poor philosophers. However, my rich friend seemed to agree with me. He unknowingly took the unintentional bait and said to my other friend who was aghast at my satanic logic and told him consolingly that perhaps it really is good that “they” do it, to keep the economy, which is the base of our social order, in balance.

My other friend was shocked. It was as if our whole conversation had been just to convince him to accept what he saw as most terrible. I immediately clarified that I was being absurd and that there were many intelligent and humane alternatives to human extermination and to capitalism. I didn’t speak any more to the rich friend because I was processing what he had just said. I think he realized that his thoughts were way out of the range of acceptability with us and he also kept quiet. After some reflection, I realized that his thoughts are very typical, and that when people reach that level of control and manipulation they become slaves to a system of thought that takes away all freedom, virtue, self-reliance, creativity and authentic individuality. The elite believe that only they are able to fully posses these qualities, or at least purchase those who do posses them.

Last year there were so many dead bodies around our valley that I had to keep the dogs inside so they wouldn’t eat rotten human flesh. The narcos who invaded our area practice human sacrifice. Sometimes they have so many bodies that they just throw them by the road or up in the mountain. People used to eat jack-rabbits around here until they started getting a strange taste. The goat-herders noticed that these animals were eating the dead humans. Sometimes we could not sleep for the sound of machine guns and the screams of the tortured. Most of the victims are immigrants stolen from trains while trying to cross the U.S. border. The wall on the border already exists! How is that for collusion between the mafia and the state?

The military and police turn a blind eye. Let us not forget that the Mexican and American intelligence and military are now working together in this. They legally operate as one entity since the legislation passed in Calderon’s time and his narco war. A few months ago the police finally raided a compound that the narcos used for organ extraction. The place was a human butchershop. There were bones everywhere. This is the nearby base described in my writing, “The Quixotic Narco Slayers.” There were too many reports about this operation and the police were forced to act but the leader of the operation was set free the next day.

If only Americans could see themselves, see their own shadows as individuals as well as a collective society. They cry about immigration but who wants to keep their own corporations within their own borders, reverse NAFTA, and take responsibility for their frivolous, materialistic lifestyles that really require such brutal imperialism. These paramilitaries and “narcos” are necessary to kill others, steal their resources and undermine entire economic and social orders just to maintain our sick, criminal indulgences. My fellow Americans, are you offended? I hope so. Maybe if you performed your moral duty of resistance and revolution then maybe you will get over your illness.

Nobody escapes the law of karma. What right does the American populace have to this happiness when their materialistic life-styles that require so much killing and stealing deny happiness to the rest of the planet? So much of what I hear about from the U.S. is how depressed everybody is. I first noticed that the entire population was heading toward collective depression 20 years ago and with each year the people just get sadder and sadder. I believe that psychosis is now working its way into the mainstream consciousness and I am not sure whether I am safer here in Mexico with the narco demons or up there in the U.S. with the zombies. As time passes, these reactions will only become stronger and people will become crazier, yet the truth will be revealed. Human beings need love, culture, and nature and without it we become ill.