I have been in Chiapas for the past few months. A meditation student of mine came here 10 years ago to start a medical service project in an area where there were no medical services. Now there is a team of dozens of doctors and nurses who work in 10 rural communities as well as helping local city hospitals. Besides doing great humanitarian service and setting an example of free, universal medical care, they have also gladdened the hearts of many and have created a warm feeling of community in these beautiful mountain villages.

Karma yoga is meditation on work and action, of finding spiritual freedom in one´s work. Normally, actions bind one into a limited sense of self. We perform actions out of fear of not being sufficient in ourselves and a need to be something more and thereby augment our attachment, ambition or vanity. Karma yoga is deep insight into the desires and motives of action and in what part of your being true and original actions occur. When one has simplicity and love, is free from fear and selfish intentions, actions flow more freely from the spirit and into the outer world without distortions and limitations. Instead of one acting as a part separated from the whole, the part acts as a vehicle for the whole. By consecrating actions in such a spirit they become endorsed and aided by the greater causes embedded in the Macrocosm. One becomes free from the bondage of the ego or authorship of separate actions and all things go well.

We must consecrate action with hope and joy yet leave the results to the greater process in which we participate without expectations and attachment to the results of our actions as separate actors. Only a person with great faith, experience and self-confidence can understand such an endeavour and let go of self-interest. The question remains as who what part of ourselves endures if we cannot indulge in the fruits of actions nor avoid actions entirely through inaction and apathy. What remains for our ego hunger when we act in innocence and learn to renounce the fruits of actions? Can one truly act without intentions? What image or form continues to illuminate and inspire after our sincere ardour for work and service incinerates the delusions of ambition, pride, vanity, worry, doubt, fear and the attachments to results? Only love has guided one through this struggle and only love endures the cremation of our illusory separation and rises from the ashes to bring unity and liberation to action. Actions reflect simple innocence and pure joy of being integrated into the great flow of the Macrocosm. The fruits of pure action come as unexpected gifts of love, community and meaning while being at home in the universe. The Friend is seen in all friends. Mountains, sky and stars also caress you, and there is an end to fear.

by William Enckhausen email: william@williamenck.art