I dreamed that our ranch was surrounded by a protective gel and that we were moving about inside of this gel, gently swishing around. The next day, everybody else said they fell out of bed during the night and were stumbling around without being able to stand upright. I thought it was all just a dream, but 4 others woke up at night. If that really would have happened, then why was there no structural damage? Come to think of it, so many of the strange phenomenon that happen at rancho el misterio happen while I am sleeping. Let me try and explain……

The “solidity” of matter is a projection created by the crude, reptilian brain and the conscious, sensory mind. “Liquid” waves of energy sustain what appears as matter, or rather “matter” is a partial, superficial perception of liquid reality. However there are 5 levels of matter in Tantra, and each one becomes less “real” as we discover its source in a higher element. In the end all of the elements of factors are but levels of external projection in the Macrocosmic Mind.

The solid factor is just a crude perception of reality. The fluid, gel-like liquid factor has a little more relative reality in the Macro-psychic projection that is this universe than the so-called solid factor. In other words, the perception of a “solid”, material world is but the inability to perceive the finer, fluid vibrations behind what appears as solid. The solid factor, or “material” level, according to tantra, only exists in the microcosmic mind, not in the Macrocosmic mind. The lowest rung of matter in the Macrocosm corresponds to the liquid level, not the solid.

As one ascends up the more subtle elements in the Macrocosm we see that the liquid factor is created by another factor, the luminous. The Luminous Factor is born from the Aerial Factor, which is born from the Etherial Factor. Which reality is real, or more real? In the end all matter dissolves in finer and finer forms of energy until we find the root expressions embedded in OM - The Generator, Operator, and Destroyer of the thought projection we call this universe. And what does OM finally rest in? Pure and silent awareness, unending bliss. So why should we worry about earthquakes?

Indigenous friends with whom I have learned about Tantra Maya with have very special connections to the zodiac and the rotation of not just the yearly seasons, but with important astronomical phenomenon as well. They practice the esoteric aspects of the Mayan calendar, which is really a very pure form of Tantra. Sometimes a friend of mine becomes a very accurate oracle, while another speaks of astronomical events that we later verify through NASA reports about the same phenomenon.

One can think of this as an elevated psycho drama in which one projects deep parts of the soul in to some form of super-personal dramatic expression, however there is an accurate psychic component in these expressions, like an oracle.

Our intellects still lag very far behind these ancient, yet perennial practices that sprout up wherever there are great hearts and noble minds who can understand them. My favorite of these encounters is with the constellation “Tortuga,” “the turtle.” “Tortuga” says it is time for the great earthquakes.

The difficult tortoise posture withdraws the prana or vital energy from the extremities (the sensory and motor organs) and redirects that focused energy into the subtler layers of the mind. Slowly, instinct is converted into elevated feeling and lower thoughts are transmuted into spiritual thoughts. This posture is said to give one control over the physical world by helping one to realize that the physical world is simply made of thought. Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Similairly, when the “Turtle” constellation gets aligned with the earth, the sun, and Hunab Ku, all minds inhabiting the planet are withdrawn into the subtler dimensions of mind. If one is a crude entity, then one gets a new body (one dies due to improper psycho-physical parallelism) or one gets a boost of positive microvita to quicken physical, mental, and spiritual evolution.

just some rough thoughts that I would like to work out before the apocalypse : )

Kurmukasana, the “difficult tortoise posture”

The symbol for the Mayan constellation, “Tortoise.”

by William Enckhausen email: william@williamenck.art