• tantra maya

“The harmful internal consequences of over-industrialization not only affect the personal, social and national health of the people, they also precipitate gradual individual and collective psychic degeneration. A type of psychic epidemic may arise which can poison almost all expressions of life and destroy them. This may not happen today, but it will surely happen in the very near future.” - Anandamurti

The following statement sounds fantastic to the materialist. However, Anandamurti always spoke about all subjects- economy, ecology, politics, etc., from a very spiritual perspective. If the universe has a subtle, spiritual counterpart that controls the material world, and if the universe is moral, then perhaps this statement may seem plausible. Any living, intelligent system has defense mechanisms that protect itself from illness. If the universe is really conscious and a living entity in itself, then one should see this statement as a great warning to materialists with their ill-conceived concept of dominating, controlling and eventually destroying a world they really have no true connection with, a world that is in no way an Earth Mother for them. Can our mental distortions and errors actually generate psychic epidemics? Can the human race generate reactions that attack us not just from our physical environment, but also from our internal mental environment as well? The question is a practical one, finally, in that one has to investigate these spiritual question in the mental laboratory. If you don’t figure it out, then you may not survive the upcoming and inevitable natural selection process.

The future humanity will see the first decades of the new millennium as the end of one age and the beginning of another. Rather, it is the destruction of one age and the creation of another. Everything we see as solid and real are but shadows of deep ideas, the original Things as they exist in the mind of god. Most see the universe as a play of material forces. Others understand the deeper ideas that move beyond mundane existence, which is nothing but a mundane manner of perceiving and conceiving the universe. Refining perception and conception beyond crude materialism and blind desires gives us a deeper perspective and more meaningful place on this moving and evolving planet. What evolves is consciousness and the ideas that develop higher awareness that can help us integrate into the life of the Macrocosm, the living universe. A more compassionate and holistic mind is but the evolution and refinement of the crude conceptual mind and its corresponding mundane desires. In this view, the destruction of the capitalist, materialistic mentality and the emergence of a new and conscious Left are but the shadow play of great ideas that are competing and clashing somewhere even beyond the invisible dark matter of the universe. Evolution is always the favoring of some members of a species over other, less adaptable members. The materialistic mentality of this age will only destroy itself and the members of this part of the species that are resistant to higher change and evolution will simply be “selected” as to have no place on this planet in the near future. Step aside radicals and revolutionaries, Mother Nature is much more radical than a black panther, yet more loving and wise than a million brilliant grandmothers.

The destruction of the old systems has its origins deep in the creative forces of nature, the intelligent forces that preserve life and its proper purpose in the universe. Although the planet may move and rock a little in the near future, these movements are only crude reflections of what is silently moving upstream, in the causal mind behind nature. Almost nobody goes against the current and ventures up that far ahead nowadays. Materialism is not just bad culture or unrefined brutality. It is a soul-killer and the greatest enemy to humanity.

The inner mind or soul comes in contact with this world through its connection to our brain and nervous system. A part of this entity that makes immediate contact with the physical world of matter and energy is actually transformed into those very objects of mind. Yogis call this part of mind chitta. Chitta is essentially a medium between the inner world of mind and the outer world of matter. It has the intelligence and essential substance of mind and at the same time the formal structure of matter that intelligently plays out any form that it comes in contact with in the external world. Chitta has instinctual programs that are provoked and activated according to the hosts of form that it entertains. If the mind only entertains crude occupations, then more chitta is wasted by transforming itself to reflect crude forms and play out their dramas- more money, more name and fame, etc. Mind thereby moves toward and even converts itself into matter. Materialists are actually rebellious as they move against conscious evolution and the subtle moral order of the universe. Yogis are more interested in allowing the Supreme Subjectivity, or Atman, to see clearly all aspects of mind and its reflections of matter and form in the world as the shadow play of the Atman, not as possessions to contend for and thereby dominate and destroy others. Mind also moves inward and evolves toward the pure spirit of the Atman. This is the mind’s true purpose in evolution, to move inward, back into spirit. Chitta concentrated and focused in meditation takes the form of the formless, disintegrating itself back into subtler, inner forms of mind until it eventually flows back into the silent headwaters of the godhead, the Supreme Subjectivity. This is the salvation and liberation of the mind. The materialist loses his/her mind and person into the material world while the yogi liberates the mind by merging it back into its source in the pure and conscious Witness. The mind can only be “destroyed” in these two manners: disintegrating into matter or disintegrating into spirit. One path is only agony while the other delivers sweet bliss.

The science of microvita is the intuitive study of the dialogue between mind and matter, of the show unfolding somewhere in the regions between the mental chitta and the brain. It is a moral science to show us the way out of the labyrinths of the soul. Positive microvita are forces that help convert chitta into spirit while negative microvita impose crude forms and subsequently crude desires onto the brain-body system. Positive microvita bring illumination, fulfillment and realization while negative microvita eventually bring about the degeneration of the mind. Human beings have always tended to materialism as a consequence of lack of spiritual culture, however now is the first time that the entire species is guided by forces that only bring destruction. Globalization, the organization of materialistically-oriented ideology and its imperialistic execution, is the great destroyer of the planet. It is the imposition of a deluded and abstract consciousness of a sick organism upon the innocent and pure beings of this planet. If the planet and its natural state of balance are in danger as a consequence of globalization, then one can only imagine the state of our soul architecture within. And just as an imbalanced planet will seek equilibrium anew, so will the collective mental structure of humanity be forced to undergo extremely radical transformations in order to survive this damage. The transformation of a species is the most radical act of simultaneous creation and destruction. Those whose intelligence flows inward to find balance and responsibility with the Macrocosm will be favored by evolution as they are much needed vehicles of human sanity. Their minds and nervous systems will work in harmony with the new order. This new definition of humanity will be imposed upon all. Grace showers even on the most undeserving, although destroying them while forcing them to evolve. It is as if we are all getting a software upgrade for our brains. The materialists too are receiving this graceful upgrade but they have very old hardware that simply cannot understand the new programs. They will be obsoleted and recycled as they cease to function and lose their applicability under new structures. Too much conversion of mind into matter through ignorant volition and blind impulse degrades the nervous system and creates mental illness. Negative microvita begin to burrow in this energetic space between mind and body and help the misguided mind destroy itself even quicker. These negative thought patterns intelligently and parasitically feed off of our vital energy and make compulsion, fear, and violence the dominant forces in our imagined, separated existence. Negative microvita guide the destruction of humanity by our selfish and brutal actions as well as attack and degrade the nervous system from within. It is a race to see which aspect of the activity of negative microvita destroys us quicker. Will it be through war, fracking, economic imperialism and other forms of crude destruction, or by subverting the internal mental order by creating mental illnesses within as a result of falling into understand natures traps for the dull, extinguishing parts of the species?

The only war we have is the war within. The chitta must flow upward and inward and we must understand how to facilitate this natural process that modern materialism has deadened, otherwise we are done for, both individually and collectively. Take care of the mind, take care of others and transform the inner nature and then there is no longer a need for materialism, vanity, nationalism, racism, nor any other nasty qualities of fearful, ignorant minds. If one does not fight in this war, then these enemies will definitely destroy the soul if they haven’t done so already. Instead of struggling for ways of life that lead toward destruction it is much better to struggle for transformation and place oneself under greater ideas, ideas that work and practically guide us toward integration. It would indeed be a very boring universe in which great worldly events did not’t play themselves out according to great themes. Perhaps this is our malady; materialism deadens the living and vibrant universe that caresses us and gives us place and purpose. Instead of systematically killing animals for food, invading and destroying other countries for resources, and over-consuming the precious commodities of the planet, one can live simply and purely with just a little spiritual understanding and social and ecological responsibility. Materialism destroys the world of animals, plants and most humans. It cannot contain these other worlds. Seeking the collective welfare with compassion and consciousness conspires with the intelligence of the Macrocosm to arrange itself so that its variegated and vigorous elements synchronize into a sublime and simple order that all good beings can understand. When the mind and positive and negative microvita effecting the mind are balanced, then our limitations are more natural and aren’t exploited by sinister and exploitative systems that only degrade us and hinder conscious evolution. There is a place for everybody in this essential world that embraces other worlds.

Anandamurti, in a talk called, “The Coming Ice-Age,” speaks of how the weather patterns on the planet have been changing drastically since the 1980’s. He speaks of this phenomenon not as catastrophe but as natural change. He links the changing polarity of planets poles as the underlying cause. He says they will shift soon and with this change there will be changes in electromagnetic fields. Many species will have to undergo biological metamorphosis to survive these changes. Most human beings will become extinct. Only those with refined nervous and glandular systems will be part of the new humanity of the near future. I see this as natural selection in action, although here we are speaking of a natural selection based on consciousness and emotional intelligence instead of brute strength or intellectual cunning and ruthlessness. With very little personal, social, ecological, and spiritual consciousness it will be difficult for the collective mind of humanity to adjust with these changing electromagnetic fields. These human beings will become like the Neanderthals of the past, an extinct species unless there are very fast, radical changes. Anandamurti said that at times evolution makes a sudden “galloping leap.”

I view this phenomenon as a collective kundalini awakening. The kundalini is the fundamental creative force in the universe and not just a subtle force that functions in the physical microcosmic organism. Anandamurti termed the kundalini the “fundamental negativity.” It is “negative” in that it is the return force that can recover even the most furthest centrifugal creative force with a radius away from the cosmic nucleus. Kundalini brings the entire creation back into the Supreme Consciousness. Kundalini, as it functions in the microcosm, doesn’t take one further away from the cosmic nucleus with extraneous worldly desires. Kundalini is the fundamental force that is capable of returning all of our mental creation to its origin. No matter how far our creation has materialized from spirit into matter, and no matter how far we have lost ourselves in illusion, desire, or ignorance, the Mother Shakti as kundalini will take us home.

When kundalini manifests in an evolved living being, she is said to be sleeping dormant at the base of the spine in the muladhara chakra. This position represents matter, the crudest manifestation of spirit and furthest away from the point of Shiva in the crown. Because she is the fundamental energy behind all expressed energies she has the capacity to control all forms of energy. This is why it is said that due to the awakening of this force through spiritual practice, all kinds of mysterious phenomenon occur. One can concentrate for extended periods of time, have tremendous mental and physical vigor, open latent psychic and occult potentialities, and achieve elevated states of spiritual awareness. Kundalini, as the “fundamental negativity,” is the force latent at the base of the spine that brings every string of creation back into the womb of Om, dissolving every flicker of color and cosmic sound in the crown above the corpus collosum between the cerebral hemispheres and above the pineal gland.

Kundalini is Shakti, the energetic counterpart to the pure Consciousness of Shiva. When Shakti’s energy is inactive, Shiva, or Consciousness, is like an infinite ocean without undulations. Shakti activates she transforms Shiva by creating waves in Shiva’s infinite body of tranquil, equipoised Consciousness. When she activates there is movement, creation, or involution. She creates the entire universe. Later, She can dissolve creation back into Shiva. When she comes back there is evolution of the universe through conscious, living beings. When She returns to Shiva it is spiritual liberation and enlightenment for the blessed soul who understands this ecstatic union.

Together, Shiva and Shakti, or Consciousness and Energy, are the Supreme Consciousness. Shakti is the Cosmic Creative Principle who manifests the infinite cosmic ocean of Shiva, or Consciousness into all of the expressed waves of this creation. Shiva is eternally pure and quiescent and can do nothing without his consort, Shakti. Shakti wakens this latent Consciousness and takes it outward, centrifugally, into action and creation. Shiva and Shakti interact until the subtle wave of Shiva collapse into mind, then into energy, and eventually into solid matter, or “star-stuff.” It is the infinite and subtle Shiva that apparently becomes the universe by letting himself manifest as created energy.

With evolution of life and the expression of consciousness in continually subtler and subtler forms as Shiva and Shakti continue to manifest in biological life. Life, this “blot of protoplasm with an urge,” eventually becomes conscious of itself as Shiva re-manifests his Consciousness. Trees, mammals, plants, and humans all have developed forms of consciousness which manifests in miraculous forms of organizing, adapting, and growing despite the material world’s entropy all around them! Eventually, these evolving microcosmic minds will become so aware of themselves that they will be able to ask themselves where this awareness comes from. This is the arrival of awareness at the anahata and vishuddha chakras. The kundalini is nothing more than the universal Shakti manifesting in an incarnated, biological being. Kundalini is the purest essence of the divine Shakti residing at the base of the spine; a force that ultimately governs the entire nervous system.

With the awakening of the kundalini the developed vishuddha chakra begins to spin centripetally as the 16 petals or sound pulsations vibrate the 4 vortexes of the muladhara, or base chakra. It is like a whirling, astral tornado that creates a vortex from crown to coccyx. This 4x4 action covers every possible expression, every possible vortex of the muladhara from escaping outward into the sensory mind at the first chakra. The causal mind with all of its controlling strings of sound take charge of all of the inferior chakras by descending all the way to the lowest base of muladhara. It is an inner, highly organized and intelligent womb of sound and pulsation that awakens the kundalini. All energy that goes into the emotional expressions of the vrttis or vortexes gets sucked inward. This inward, centripetal symphony pulls and summons the kundalini upward and inward with all of the vital energy of the body. Here Shakti begins to act and create deep inside one’s soul. Shiva is the quiet eye of the storm looking on from high above. Both Shiva and Shakti arrange the path of bliss, the ananda marga, so that the aspirant may find one’s way through the various labyrinths of the ascending mind. This is the case with a prepared mind, however.

The structures of the individual and the collective minds are one and the same, they are interdependent and and co-existent. It is like a football fan in an arena filled with other football fans. Gain or loss affect both the individual and the collective body. Together, they form some form of meta-identity that both the individual and the collectivity depend upon, or believe that they do. In this similarity, we can see how the kundalini awakenings of individuals will parallel the awakenings of the collective and vice-versa. After 50 years of consciousness revolution in the West, and most of it inspired by hallucinogenic drugs, it is easy to find a plethora of examples of kundalini awakenings that have gone awry. This is most often because the voyaging pioneer of mystical consciousness was not psychologically prepared and/or awakened the kundalini through forced yogic means or through the use of psychedelics. Aggressive yoga techniques and psychedelics usually have the same results: states that resemble a schizophrenic crack-up. Even with cases of eventually successful awakenings, such as that of the Indian seer, Gopikrishna, are often agonizing and take one to the border of self-annihilation while on the path to Self-Realization. This blast of Shakti, or Shakti, is simply too much for the average mind to bear. Could you just imagine what would happen to the average materialist, Big-Mac devouring, semi-conscious mind when it gets a dose of charged super consciousness? The clay jug of the self is shattered to pieces. Mystics and geniuses pick up the pieces and make colorful, beautiful, and playful collages and celebrate the dissolution of separateness into wholeness. The mundane person just finds his/her life is falling apart and cracks up. We, as a species, have no choice in the matter: the rules of the game are changing. We must evolve emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually or disappear from the planet; there really is no other alternative. All of the old mental structures that have projected and created our social, economic, cultural, and science are quickly becoming obsolete. In fact, they are already so rotten that they are taking us down with them. It is the desire of the collective and individual human mind to transcend obstacles that will decide whether one is part of the new humanity or not. If so, evolution will shoulder you and guide you. If not, and the mind wants to remain in the old and conventional, then entropy and decay will recycle one back into the planet for better use.

Kundalini is the root energy behind all mental expressions. Mind is a derivative of pure consciousness or Shiva that Shakti created long before the Big Bang. Shakti, as kundalini on the return journey, can mend any distortion and bring righteousness to our every wrong if we only understand her Way. Shakti and Shiva are fundamentally one, and kundalini only wants to return to her beloved Shiva. One must have a developed anahata chakra, humility coupled with unswerving confidence and much experience in meditation to adapt to this higher flow. The lower propensities must be greatly purified, otherwise one will be pouring gasoline onto the bonfire of the ambitious, clinging, and fearful ego. It isn’t the case that the kundalini of the masses will awaken and surge into the brain and rapidly transform and rescue us all. The changing planetary conditions of the present is really what is making us a race of insane simians. Nature wants to awaken us while our contemporary pseudo-culture only deadens us and holds up psycho-spiritual evolution. Few seem to be finding balance. Most nervous systems aren’t prepared for what is already happening to us via the subtle mechanisms of nature. Although the subtle, inner laws of Shakti will be as gentle as possible, it will be difficult for the awakening of the masses from the brute unconsciousness to just even begin to vibrate at the second, svadhistana chakra. The collective kundalini force is mainly focused on entering the second chakra and creating balance there. Here, at the sensory-intellectual or conceptual mind, we develop notions of self and world. There can be no balanced kundalini awakening if one hasn’t a balanced connection with the external world via the svadhistana chakra. A strong svadhistana chakra isn’t co-dependent nor conventional but rests its value on its confidence and congruence with the real world of Shiva-Shakti’s universe. A spiritual aspirant seeks not union with nationalism, with social class, or any other “ism” except universalism. The whole universe is our homeland and it is contained within Brahma, the union of Shiva and Shakti. Only those who can venture to take this step will move onward. Now is the time of the great purging. Balanced people, no matter how intellectually developed they are, will move up an evolutionary “notch” from their respective positions. It is much easier for a happy and emotionally healthy goat-herder in the desert to move inward than it is for a neurotic, apparently sophisticated, urban intellectual. The important thing is that all people try to expand from their present state, no matter what it is. Nature seeks balance and makes no prejudiced distinction between high and low. All microcosms are dear to Brahma. This is what is most important. However, the sad truth is that we as a species gradually grow sicker and more and more unfit and unable to make this critical step. True spiritual culture that cultivates deep awareness and moral responsibility is unavailable or inaccessible to most. Due to this, human intellectual and emotional life is becoming extremely imbalanced. There is very little correspondence between who one is on the inside and who one is on the outside. This contradiction will some day be understood as the underlying cause of the extinction of the old humanity. We must build a new and universal human culture on the ashes of the present one. Nature’s Heraclitian fire both consumes and illumines, conserves and destroys. Only when the deepest desires of our vast, inner nature find expression in universal human culture, where all particular flowers are seen as part of the same beautiful garden, will we have a society and culture that is truly humane. Our glory is yet to be .

The awakening of the kundalini should be prepared by a moral base, through having attained some living practical wisdom of how to live without creating unnecessary suffering for oneself and others. Only those a little more advanced on this path are candidates for entering this path. Although it is possible to awaken this force through psychedelics, through intense, forced physical yoga practices like asanas and pranayama, and other rituals, these practices are incomplete by themselves and can be dangerous in in that they lack proper psychological preparation for this bombardment of cosmic consciousness. At most these practices may force the kundalini to the second chakra and try to prematurely process the latent tendencies in the sub-conscious mind. After such an exhilarating experience, one becomes overwhelmed by the sub-conscious complexes of the mind. Insecurity, deeply-rooted fears, compulsions, and paranoia are common side-effects of the premature awakening of kundalini without proper ideational preparation via deep and mature meditation, which of course requires a very high degree of moral discernment. Although one almost never ever meets a yoga teacher that has awakened the kundalini, this mysticism is the very basis of the practice of yoga. Modern society only gets what it deserves, Barbie Yoga.

The greatest test is to bring the kundalini through the Knot of Brahma at the navel, or manipura chakra. It is here that one must contend with the 10-headed serpent who controls shame, slander, jealousy, laziness, sadness, sadism, infatuation, ambition, hatred, and fear. Due to deep progress in meditation and a deeply mindful existence one has become ready to tackle the underlying ambitions of the separate ego, that although subsided, still have plenty of force to make a mess of your life. Once the kundalini rises here, the underlying aggressions, ambitions, fears, and shame of the ego become all too apparent. It is like trying to pay off a huge debt in a very short time. Most would prefer to pay it slowly.

I recently dreamed of Anandamurti in which he was explaining to me that through the current electromagnetic conditions of the planet, the collective consciousness was being prepared to purify the sub-conscious and creative minds (2nd and 3rd chakras). The evolutionary aim is to permit more human beings to awaken the intuitive mind at the heart. The majority of human beings live only in the sensory mind and the lower parts of the intellectual mind. What is happening now is that the 3rd chakra is being so powerfully purged that the collective mind will either go insane or take refuge in higher ground. This cleansing of the creative mind in humanity will allow a little more energy to enter into the intuitive mind, or anahata chakra. We will still be, at least as a collective mind, evolving and passing through the subtle laws that govern the creative mind so that we can slowly gain access to the intuitive mind.

While the awakening of the kundalini to the anahata chakra is not the ultimate aim of spiritual evolution, is is a safe ground in which the “raging bundle of desire in a dying animal” has quieted. The intuitive mind is related with the so called “aerial factor”. This “air” is of course a most refined form of matter. If the involution of consciousness into matter is a process of Macrocosmic thought converting itself into matter, then the aerial factor is a little closer to the thought end of the spectrum. It is here that the mind moves beyond form. There is immediate insight or intuition into the nature of things- oneself, others, nature, and the cosmos. One’s sense of dignity at being a universal citizen of pure being overcomes all the limitations of vanity and self-importance that the separate ego feeds off of.

With the awakening of the intuitive mind, one really begins to see clearly how there is but one life in the universe, that all microcosms pertain to the macrocosm. Thought waves that arise here collapse into matter, into form. One sees how the secrets of spiritual thought and pure feeling convert themselves into material creation. Existence is but a crystallization of these subtle impressions that manifest themselves from the Cosmic Mind of which you are now a part of. Awakening the kundalini here brings a supernova explosion of energy to the heart that explodes and projects your most noble intentions out into the entire universe. It is vital that there are yogis and tantrics that are pursuing this endeavor, thus clearing the path a little and preparing the way for others.

What is most important in meditation is sincere effort. One rarely thinks that the victories in your private arena have something to do with the evolution of a planet, but they really, really do.

Early in the kundalini awakening when I was still a student in the university, I had many experiences that shook my world apart. There was a period where I had many strange visions that didn’t make sense to me until years later. During meditation I would feel that I was merging into the whole city of Austin around me. My mind would expand outward beyond the city and I would get lost in bliss. It was terrifying yet exhilarating. It was the death of the little “I.”

In one of these experiences I had a waking dream in which I knew I was seeing myself 5 years in the future. I was in Austin but on a farm outside the city where I was very happy and at peace. I thought to myself that it was absurd because I had no plans of remaining in Austin after graduation. I forgot all about this dream until I found myself at this very same farm 5 years later. The details of the vision like a telephone line crossing the property by a creek proved exact. Meanwhile, back in ‘94, the vision continued. In the next part of the vision I knew it was 10 years into the future now and the scene changed. I was in Mexico in the middle of a war. I felt very tense in this part of the vision but the scene changed into a third scene where I was far above Austin, almost in outer space. I looked down and the world was very different. The coast line was much more inward. There were fewer people but there was much more respect between them. I saw that they understood the lesson that nature gave them. I didn’t know when in the future this third part of the vision occurred, just that it was sometime after the Mexico part. I wasn’t even sure if I was alive on the planet, or floating without a body in some ethereal space from where I was observing in the dream. It didn’t matter because there was finally peace.

I don’t necessarily believe in prophecies, but when a vision has proven right 2 out of 3 times, then my ears start to perk up a little about the third part.

When society loses its vertical vision of ethics, justice, universal love and a humane purpose to existence, all of the members of that society become ill. Materialism is the finite horizontal vision that teaches that only matter matters. Materialism ultimately leads to the death of the human spirit and the death of spirit leads to mental imbalance and physical death. In the U.S. there are so many new fashionable medical and mental diagnoseses and prescription drugs to mask these maladies of the soul that effect all classes and colors of materialistic consciousness. Existentially confused and aliented people who believe in the established propaganda of modern medicine and psychology get categorized into definitions of illness, weakness and loss of self responsibility while often becoming chemically dependent on something to attempt to keep them sane and healthy. Healing is a holistic, spiritual process and is an impossible task to place upon a trained and specialized materialist. That mentality is great for fixing mechanical things but not for healing human beings. Trying to cure the human spirit with erroneous and crude ideas is a vicious cycle of self and social destruction.

I am very pessimistic regarding the future of our cuture of consumption and our enslaved materialistic consciousness. The is no cure for this disease of materialism and there should not be. The U.S. and Europe have advanced in material “progress” but have already destroyed themselves from within yet continue to divide and conquer and consume the rest of the planet. In the end not even the greedy consumers are happy, not to mentioned those who were consumed in the process of satisfying their demands. Just like a stressed plant in the garden who sends out electromagnetic frequencies that resonate with insects and attract plagues, our present matter-centered society is a weakened entity that sends out similar distress signals for parasitic invasion. The spirit is calling and its demands must be heard but the more deaf, doped and existentially dazed we are, the more we will send out this distress signal that invites yet more illness. We do have a choice but if we don’t align ourselves Nature must finish us off and should not spare us as our conventional consciousness has become a hindrance to the evolution of humanity.

Volcanoes and earthquakes may spontaneously arise with our destruction but the spiritual cause of our demise are the accumulating psycho-social diseases that have manifested. The law of compensation or karma is at work in our world and is a terrible thing to witness, yet who can call in unjust? We forget that nature also has a mind and spirit, that the universe is ultimately a conscious and intelligent Macrocosmic entity that knows how to protect itself. Whether referring to the individual or society in general, mental and physical illness are but the separation from spirit and forgetting that our little human, microcosmic entity has a place and purpose in the Macrocosm, in the life of the living, conscious universe. There is always hope for any human being (microcosm) who still is in the struggle to maintain their essential dignity, but there really is no hope for this materialistic and narcissistic way of living that is making us all ill and destroys our planet. These ideas are bred in the separation of the microcosm from the Macrocosm and will also die in the separated microcosm. Ideas are alive, both good ones and bad ones. They are angels and devils. Good ideas unite humanity with justice inspire towards evolution. They enter, live and grow within us and the Macrocosm acts in their favor. Bad ideas do the same in that they enter, live and grow within us yet lead us toward disintegration. The grandiose distortions of materialism are fleeting microcosmic thought bubbles of our conventional awareness that time has tricked us into believing permanent. Materialistic and narcissistic ideas are an invasive mental parasite in the Macrocosm that are already being attacked and neutralized by this host. Those who resonate with degenerate ideas become infested with them as they are designed to destroy. “The wheels of the gods grind slowly,” so slowly that we doubt there is really movement, but eventually nature’s efforts become apparent as what is no longer necessary eventually gets weeded out. Sometimes the only solution to a seemingly impossible conflict is radical transcendence; another vertebrae in a giraffe, a longer neck for a turtle, or an opposable thumb on a monkey. For us on the eve of the evolution of Homo Sapiens Conscientus, there is only hope in a radical revolution evolution of self and social consciousness. The strong and the “most fit” are those that can resist by consciously processing and understanding these maladies that invade and sicken us. Let us re-organize ourselves with the living and let the dead bury the dead.

I feel certain that the solution to the electromagnetic imbalances that are so greatly affecting the collective consciousness of the planet is quite simple and clear: take refuge in a higher ground. This planet maintains a balance with gravitational and electromagnetic forces by which our consciousness, a complex process involving the glandular and nervous system as well as the mind and Consciousness, has evolved and adapted over millions of years. Despite the fact that many people are having some severe problems of maladaptation to these new conditions, there is a great potential to make some huge leaps in personal and collective awareness.

While contemplating the effect of the increase of solar activity and its effect on the earth’s magnetic field I find my mind always returning to the idea that all forces in this manifested universe are but the result of three fundamental forces; the positive, the negative, and the neutral; or the centrifugal, the centripetal and the neutral. There appears to be an extreme bipolar tendency in the collective mind. Almost everybody I know is in some sort of emotional and/or existential crisis. If not crisis, then at least a great challenge that requires tremendous effort to maintain equilibrium and keep moving forward. Nobody I know has it easy these days. These forces are external to our Consciousness, our Atman, but appear to affect us because our minds are incarnated in physical bodies with sensitive organs that are affected by electromagnetic fields. Due to this adjustment there are many subtle imbalances in the nervous and glandular systems that are altering how the mind thinks, feels and perceives reality. However, meditation and spiritual practice have the reverse affect. The Atman as the nucleus of consciousness vibrates the contemplative, meditative mind with eternal peace and clarity and the mind thereby vibrates the nervous system with this much needed balm of soothing alleviation that puts our physical being back into balance.

While the centripetal and centrifugal forces are fighting out their eternal game of clash and cohesion, the neutral force has the capacity to balance them out, take them into the nucleus of awareness and find a higher synthesis. But where is one to find this neutralizing force, this mediator of the centripetal and centrifugal forces that dominate the physical universe? The neutral force, the equalizing force is to be found not in extroversion or introversion, nor action or inaction, attraction nor repulsion, but in deep attention and presence of these plays of the mind. It is the One presence behind each and every microcosmic mind that maintains the balance of the entire Macrocosm. The entire universe has been, is being, and will always be directed by the One who directs all duality. If you want to bring the mind and emotions into balance it is only through awareness of this blissful entity that this play of forces may take refuge in the eternal repose of the Atman. As Anandamurti said, “the force that guides the stars guides you too.” Perhaps we are in a leap, a shift in evolution which is always and extreme and violent act, but I cannot deny that it is all so beautiful, and behind the apparent chaos and imbalance lies a greater, hidden agenda that only the mind devoted to its source and origin can understand.

This energetic situation will only become more intense until we as a species, a collective consciousness, begin to understand this truth and cultivate a planetary culture which fosters this awareness. So many are falling into emotional imbalances and addictions. We go up too high and then we fall too low. We try to fix the lows with a high and are incessantly chasing our tails in a circle. Really, there is only One solution, and I hope that you all may truly be here to presence it and be part of a new, awakening humanity. Take shelter only in the loving, constant witness of the Atman, or the combativeness forces of nature shall rip thy mind apart like a gang of angry pit-bulls.


by William Enckhausen email: