Last year one of the few remaining noble monastics from Ananda Marga came to visit el Misterio. I considered him their spiritual and social leader, their wisest. He wanted to join us in the revolution and said that our work was exemplary. I knew he had suffered greatly remaining within the old, corrupt order. He admired us for being moral rebels and going against the grain of our own tradition and withstanding the attacks against us for this. We are not monastics nor formal meditation teachers yet people around the world think that we are doing the work of Ananda Marga when in fact we are entirely independent. I told him that I was commissioned by some of the older, direct disciples of Anandamurti to help continue the work of Ananda Marga after the organization had failed. I told him about our meeting with Ramananda so many years ago and how Ramananda spoke well of el Misterio just before his death and said we were doing the work that Anandamurti intended. I met with leaders of Ananda Marga like Ramananda and Chandranath after the Purulia Arms Drop in 1995. They knew Ananda Marga was infiltrated and was no longer really Ananda Marga. Some factions of A.M. had sold out to the Indian government, others to the communists in West Bengal, while others had sold out to the CIA and Interpol to help frame Ananda Marga as a terrorist organization. Due to this an entirely different approach must be taken. Anandamurti had foretold this years ago and said that the social organization of Ananda Marga would be annihilated but the ideas would later continue under new forms. Ramananda, although still holding a very high organizational rank in Ananda Marga, inspired us in this revolutionary direction.

After hearing this history the noble monk visiting us slammed his fist on my table, alighted upright and shouted “Let us tell them all to go to hell and start over with just the basic moral principles and meditation. I was so happy because we needed some orange in this revolution, monastics who can work outside the organization, yet still follow the discipline of Ananda Marga monastics.

I thought we had some hope. However, he went back to his tribe in Ranchi, India that is controlled by gangsters and and nun beaters and told me we needed to make deals with them. This effectively put an end to any possibilities of working with Ananda Marga monastics.


Ramananda died recently. He left an autobiography about his life as personal secretary to Anandamurti. I first met him in 1995, just before the Purulia Arms Drop. He came out of his room to speak to a few of us who were visiting from Europe and the U.S. His eyes were a little sleepy. If it weren’t for his overall blissful composure, he almost appeared intoxicated. It was so obvious this man was really god-intoxicated and had just been truly enjoying a trip into deep meditation. And now he has to come out of it and talk to us. How could a mundane person understand such a state of mind other than referring to some sort of drug or alcohol altered state? Only his eyes were sleepy-looking, but his mind was so awake and sensible. His presence could certainly make one chill out much deeper than with wine or weed.

My friends had noticed something in me of late; that after deep and long meditation along the river, it looked like I was stoned. The joke with them was that I wasn’t really meditating, but secretly smoking something, that I was truly an incorrigible Austinite. I didn’t mind because I was really much lighter and healthier than I ever had been in my entire life and without pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, alcohol, or meat.

I really liked him from the first moment he entered the room. I got a little of that eternal floating feeling that I would later experience even more strongly when I would meet Chandranath and his wife, Ram Parit Devii. I learned to distinguish between the politician and the saintly monastics by the vibration they left upon me. Sometimes that subtle vibration would last for days and would make one wonder, “where do they get this energy from? how can they invoke this bliss in others?” I saw that Ramananda had probably been enjoying for decades of meditation what I had only recently discovered after my initiation into tantric meditation a few years earlier.

When I saw Ramananda again it was several years later. I was already way far out on the fringes of A.M. I knew who was true but could see how so many people were falling into scandals and all sorts of non-sense. My protests were never public in those days and I only spoke about these issues with my friends. I had come to Mexico for naturopathic treatments. I had a dream that I had a strange brain growth in my right hemisphere and then later had it confirmed with a PET scan. I never pursued any treatments or further diagnosis because I knew no doctor would ever understand what is going on with my brain under the fire of kundalini. I started therapies a year earlier while I still lived in the U.S., but wanted to immerse myself in them more thoroughly by visiting a clinic in Mexico.

Ramananda passed through Mexico at that time. He was surrounded by clowns; monks puffed up with the vanity of being the ones chosen to implement “the mission of Baba.” It was all mostly ambitious self-delusion, the discourse of these spin-doctors. I had very little respect for the orange cloth by that time, but I felt very different near Ramananda. I remembered our first encounter and realized that this monk really belongs to an altogether different category than the others.

I meditated near him and some other monks. There was a dense vibration with the other monks. They were all mostly depressed, angry, and suffering from a lack of confidence in themselves and their organization after the arms drop and the A.M. civil war that ensued. There was also a recent scandal about how the monks were editing philosophical and social texts of Anandamurti. Not even a decade had passed and they had already started the adulterations that would give more power to the monastics instead of lay members of A.M. It was difficult to meditate near them. I opened my eyes to see who was sitting beside me emitting such a heavy vibe. I saw who it was and then I saw Ramananda sitting on the other side of me at total peace. I closed my eyes and tried to forget about the other monks. I once again felt that lightness emanating from Ramananda like I remembered from 6 years earlier. It was a pleasant relief to know that there were still some yogis left in A.M.

The next morning he told me how an unknown man once came to see Anandamurti and Ramananda was amazed to see Anandamurti speaking to him in great detail about some other organization that Ramananda had never heard of. He was giving orders and asking questions to this man just like he did with Ramananda. After this unknown leader left Anandamurti told Ramananda he had created 21 alternative movements in case the monastic institution of A.M. fails in its objective. Ramananda was next to Anandamurti almost 24 hours a day and could not understand how Anandamurti could have the time to create and adminstrate these reserve organizations. He told me this story and then looked at me intently and said, “you know, we really could fail.”

I was shocked. Why had he told me this? Nobody in A.M. spoke in that manner. Anandamurti was the incarnation of god and the monastics were chosen to propagate his mission over the entire planet. This was the common discourse, anyway. And why was he speaking to me so sincerely about this? He really didn’t even know me, at least in the common sense of having spent time with somebody and shared experiences, etc. However, I realized that he trusted me as much as I trusted him, and that he too felt a deep connection with me ever since our first encounter. It was so obvious he was telling me something more, but what was he saying?

Later that night I felt that some really good energy had jumped over to me through Ramananda. I could feel that the gurus blessing was transmitted through him, as if Anandamurti had left a package with him to deliver to me in the right moment. I start to hear the OM sound more loudly than ever before, as if somebody had started up a motorcycle inside the house. I fell over in a trance for I don’t know how long. I heard OM for 3 days and hardly slept. It was perfect bliss. I could see my future unfolding before me and knew that the principles of A.M. would continue despite what happened to the organization. It was all very mystical. I understood I was to take radical measures regarding A.M., and prepare for its absolute disintegration. It was all so lucid, and only becomes more so as the years pass on and I recall those realizations. Ramananda never gave orders, he only gave me his trust. He knew all would be well. It was one of the clearest and simplest heart connections I have ever had with another human being.

A great master like Anandamurti could heal any disease, physical or mental because he could see the subtle causes deep in the mind and tell people what they needed to do to transform themselves while taking on a great load of the burden himself. He had infinite love and those very close to him also expressed great compassion. Being close to some of these mature disciples was the greatest blessing of my life and I owe everything to those sincere beings that have sacrificed their lives for the work of dharma. I met some who reflected their guru’s compassion so deeply that they began to absorb the suffering of others. They took over the debts, the negative samskaras or negative “karmic” reactions of others so that those struggling to develop their spiritual practices could become strong themselves. It is not that they desire this. Due to their own spiritual freedom and compassionate realization the Macrocosmic Mind expressed this grace through them, as it did through Anandamurti.

Chandranath once explained to us that sometimes great disciples of the guru may manifest some degree of grace, but it is very little compared to what Anandamurti expressed. Yogis of this level of maturity are the most valuable people in human society. Their sole duty on this planet is to help others and maintain the balance of dharma. Most of them are now gone. They became very ill as they were aging and their physical bodies no longer had the energy to burn off the samskaras of others. Some died very painful deaths. Despite the fact that so many of their fellow disciples are now falling from the path and only plagued and bogged them down with their deviant expressions, their memory is a testament to the greatness of Anandamurti. Without these beacons of hope, the work of Anandamurti would have never reached the world. The fury of the “Headkick Headtrick Tantra” was but to lighten their burden by doing my part to get rid of some dead weight.


10 years ago an old friend of mine, Mokseshwarananda, wrote that the monastic “acharyas” are now like Ronin, samurais without a master that must hold true to their own principles because they no longer have a master to direct them. He referred to the master as the organization, the collective system of discipline that governs their monastic society. I was inspired by this idea, and I still am, but I found out he was just another acolyte for Shamitananda, the “Cobra Killer.” I have already discussed the crime of how this leader of the North American society tried to murder a nun while he was the Sectorial Secretary of the Path of Bliss. He gave her a mango lassi yogurt drink laced with cobra venom after pursuing her all of the way to India! Ask Didi Anandausa, Krsnananda, Dinesh, Ramesh Bjorn or any of the rest of the Asheville, North Carolina group that cover for Shamitananda. Approach them, look them in the eyes and ask them if they know about this heinous crime. Ask Peter Fleury in Austin. I have spoken to all of them. They can’t deny it and bow their heads in shame. Still, Mokseshvarananda and many other “independents” like Madhuvidyananda, Nabhaniilananda, Kreepysundarananda, Darth Vindu, etc. etc. followed Shamitananda and saw him not just as an organizational leader but a spiritual leader as well. All of these people were just acolytes for the CobraKiller Shamitananda and the putrid “Bengali” regime which allowed such a man to be a leader. Whoever committed transgressions and was disciplined by Ananda Marga went running off to the Bengalis for a hearty dose of psychological cobra venom to quell their cognitive dissonance.

Some people ask why I continue to mention this example. Well, it is because nobody has done anything about this problem. Nabhaniilananda travels around the world telling people that Shamitananda has a great realization of the guru, for example. Also, because the attempted murder of Didi Ananda Viina is just the tip of the iceberg. Shamitananda and Madhuvidyananda were held at gunpoint by the Austin Swat Team during a Dharma Chakra or collective meditation in Austin Texas just a few years after the attempted murder. It was at the home of the LFT of Shamitananda, who, after being apprehended, went to prison for selling drugs. I knew him before this incident. He was approached by Abhishuddhananda a few years before this with an offer to run drugs from Mexico into the U.S. He told me about this as if this monk was insane. I knew that the monk wanted to exploit the weaknesses of this youth. He was a tranquil pot smoker who grew his own weed, somebody doing something considered taboo and outside the strict yogi system of Ananda Marga, but not dealing or harming anybody, and so the crooked monk thought he could be used in greater shemes. He confessed everything to me and I assured him that the monk was not a monk at all and that he had better stay clear of Shamitananda and Madhuvidyananda as well. Shamitanda and Madhuvidyananda later used this young man’s home as their work base. This man worked back and forth between Austin and St. Louis and had many houses full of hydroponic marijuana plants. It is curious that Shamitananda established a meditation center in St. Louis at this time. With what money one might ask? His LFT acolyte sometimes had so much cash that he did not know where to hide it.Also, I recently got some information about from the Monterrey Mexico police department about the murder of Gagan, the millionare president of Ananda Marga Mexico that was murdered 6 years ago. Why were there all of those frantic phone calls between some numbers in Denver Colorado with Gagan’s phone in Mexico? Shamitananda and his Bengali goons were arguing with Gagan about his will when he was murdered. Gagan wanted to change his will to leave his money to his family instead of The Path of Bliss. All of those thugs were based out of Denver, Colorado while they were living with the VSS (Very Stupid Soldiers) chief there. If I were an international detective I would certainly have some very strong clues to follow. Also, the day before Gagan was stabbed 65 times with a knife Shudhatmananda and another unidentified man in orange arrived at the Monterrey Jagrti, close to Gagan’s home. Curious conincience? One could also ask Kreepy and Darth Vindu about this scheme that they were involved with at the same time they were whoring around Mexico.

Some say that the Ananda Marga system does not function because of all of the criminality within their society. First of all, I would say that the Path of B.S. has nothing to do with Ananda Marga. Ananda Marga functions as it should and has it’s own defense mechanisms: those who transgress the fundamental principles are sent in a downward spiral very rapidly. Nature exposes them by manifesting their karmic reactions so as to tell humanity that they are imposters. Only those who follow the guru’s system will remain standing, the rest have already been sent to Hades to exercise their first and second chakras. People like Nabhaniilananda Monk Dude and his little buddies in North America who promote the CobraKiller as a great acharya are but slaves for Ravana, the serpent who abducted Sita in the Ramayana epic. The crimes of these acolytes of Shamitananda are no less destructive than those of Ravana, and that is why Ravana is the classic “mahapapii”, or “great sinner.” He is great in that regard because after abducting Sita in the guise of a sanyassi dressed in orange, so many people doubt the good intentions of all sanyassis.

The monastic institution created by Anandamurti was not intended to be an institution of monastics isolated from the world who only sought their own enlightenment. It was created for people with high self-actualizing desires that transcended the ordinary desires for family life. Anandamurti saw the householder as equal or even superior than a monastic life because they had to care for both their own families as well as the universal human family. The monastic institution was created for people who could dedicate themselves fully to the service of the greater human family. Being a loving guide and setting an example of purity actually helps open one´s heart and transcend the potentially selfish desire of seeking only one´s very own enlightenment. “Meditation and service to humanity” was the great maxim taught by Anandamurti for his monastics and it is also the formula for finding spiritual enlightenment. Householders were seen as a great tree and the monastics were seen as vines that wrapped around that tree. Householders are superior to monastics in the sense that they have to support monastics as well as their own families. Yet after the monastics began to parasitically strangle the great tree, they changed Anandamurti´s texts by omitting this phrase.

Now we have a situation in which the monastics of Ananda Marga are now more like the so called “sanyassis” of Rajneesh. They go around like free-loving hippies and leave trails of scandals and harm wherever they go. Being single, they have no strong emotional bonds (unless they get obsessed with a nun and later try to kill her by poisining her with cobra venom), nor do they respect the emotional bonds of others and enter people´s homes and communities like a wrecking ball. Being without a proper social-spiritual base these hungry wolves look for money in whatever way necessary and commit crimes and even murder in order to continue their wretched existence. I say it is better to slam the door in their faces before they enter and bring their virus into your home or community.